‘Advisory’ helping with student-teacher connections at BHS
PLC ‘encompassing’ as BMS educators seek to help students enter ‘diverse community’
District submits UW gift of $3,334.03
‘Chicks Zone’ reason for ‘huge’ turnaround in students’ attitudes
Brian Kinder catches a “snowflake” from one of the Blytheville Primary School students while he sings “Snowflakes” to them during his and Terri Kinder’s music program. Kinder, a former music teacher in Little Rock, and wife Terri have been entertaining BPS students every year since 2009. They are scheduled to perform 275 music programs this year, and 30 alone from Dec. 1-20.
Pantry receives 1,235 pounds of food from District
Friends created through 'Lunch Buddies'
'Homecoming Week' begins Tuesday, culminates with Eagles-Chickasaws showdown
Committee members seek to find, help prospective students
Fourteen district students honored at reception
Program provides needed food for students
Wallace ‘very proud’ of new teachers
Parents asked to obtain due process records
Schools-Pepsi deal highlights construction update
Buckner’s project will benefit band, also community
Student contact, transportation information requested at BES
'Pillowcase Project' helps students cope with natural disasters
Parking spaces may be limited because of construction
Germantown head coach Chris Smith