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Chanda Walker

Family and Community Engagement/ GT Coordinator

Blytheville District Office

405 Park Street

Blytheville, AR 72315

Phone: 870-762-2053

Fax: 870-762-0168

Referral Form

We encourage you to review characteristics of a gifted learner before clicking here for a copy of the GT student referral form. Please email Ms. Walker for more information, or with questions about the G/T Program.

Gifted and Talented Program

"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach."

Albert Einstein  

Blytheville School District's goals for gifted education:

  • Provide the most appropriate educational environment to foster the greatest potential

  • Develop critical and creative thinking skills

  • Extend and enrich academic concepts

  • Offer challenging experiences and bridge real world connections

  • Differentiate instruction to provide rigor and relevance to concepts taught

  • Project-based learning

GT Program General Information


  • Provide services that will identify gifted and/or talented students

  • Provide activities to develop critical thinking skills

  • Develop and improve the student's creativity and higher level thinking skills

  • Help students develop task commitment, to acquire and/or maintain adequate and realistic self-concepts, and to develop a sense of self-worth and responsibility to self and society

  • Be developed and implemented with input from students, staff, parents, and other community members

  • Enable the students to become self-directed and proficient in written and oral communication skills so that they may creatively share their products with others

  • Provide the educational programs and differentiated curriculum that will enable each student to develop his/her abilities to the fullest

  • Develop the student's skills for initiating, planning, and conducting independent research

  • Utilize the cultural and industrial resources of the region

  • Keep parents and community well informed

  • Provide an ongoing program of evaluation

Definition of Gifted and Talented:

Gifted and talented children and youth are those of high potential or ability whose learning characteristics and educational needs require qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and/or services. Possession of these talents and gifts, or the potential for development, will be evidenced through an interaction of above average intellectual ability, task commitment, and/or motivation, and creative ability.